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Make sure that the mail from your loved ones ends up in the right hands
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Inform your family of your change of address with unique announcements

Moving is probably my least favorite thing to do, especially during the summer. First, you have to spend all your time packing, then lift heavy boxes and you just can't find anything you need once you reach your destination, so you end up living out of a suitcase for nearly a month. Between all of the hard physical labor and the chaos of your new home, you have to be sure that important mail from your loved ones isn't still getting sent to your previous address. One great way to spread the word about your move is through moving cards or change of address announcements.

Since my family is so large and spread out, it's virtually impossible to get a chance to talk to everyone on the phone without running up a fortune on our phone bills, but we send post cards, newsletters, pictures, holiday cards and birthday cards throughout the year. I wouldn't want those precious family documents ending up in the hands of strangers. Change of address announcements are a fast and easy way for me to be able to let all of my loved ones know that I've relocated without dialing a hundred phone numbers or playing phone tag with my busy relatives.

Unique change of address announcements are available in several different designs or you can design your own. If you have loved ones overseas or in the military and you frequently correspond with them via mail, have new address labels made and include them in your announcements. This way, your loved one won't have to worry about remembering your new address. All they have to do is stick the label on the envelope and send.

If you are interested in using change of address announcements to inform distant family and friends of your relocation, it's important to order them in advance and have them sent off in time, especially during the holidays. During certain times of the year, such as Christmas, the mail system is inundated with holiday cards, gifts and other packages. This increase in the use of the system can slow down the arrival of packages and letters. If you're moving during the holidays, make sure to send off your moving announcements in advance so you can ensure you receive all of your gifts and Christmas cards at your new address.

If your family and friends are all local, consider using moving cards to inform your loved ones of your relocation. The next time you have a family function, just hand them out to relatives or place them on a table by the door and remind them to take one as they leave. Keep some in your purse, wallet or car just in case you run into a friend or relative while out. Although getting ready to move can be extremely stressful, moving announcements can help take some of the hassle out of relocating by making sure you don't miss out on those treasured family newsletters, pictures and cards.

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