Benefits of joining a sorority or fraternity

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Fraternity and sorority membership helps create lifetime connections
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The benefits of going Greek include professional networking

In life, a new lesson is experienced almost every day.


Many young people attending college gain experiences and enjoy the benefits of joining a sorority or fraternity. They learn very early in their adult lives that there are many advantages to being a part of a tightly-knit social circle. Being a part of a sorority or fraternity can be very rewarding and beneficial to careers and professional lives. Sorority or fraternity membership often also means lifelong social connections.


While being a member of a sorority or fraternity during college is fun, the benefit of joining a sorority or fraternity increases significantly beyond the college days. Some of the major benefits of joining a sorority or fraternity include:

1. Social


A social network is a large part of the college scene. Social activities play an important role in sorority and fraternity life. Sororities and fraternities often sponsor mixers, formal dances, receptions and luncheons giving honor or recognizing some facet of the organization. The social aspect of Greek life may be one of the most popular reasons that sororities and fraternities are highly active on college campuses. Members of sororities and fraternities display their Greek letters on clothing and purchase Greek gear to show that they belong to a specific house.


2. Networking


Networking is something that is usually related to business but is a large part of the college community as well. Networking goes beyond college, as adult alumni use Greek connections to make connections in other sectors of the community, including business, religious and other school establishments. Networking is a great benefit of sorority or fraternity affiliation because it gives an alumni a base of contacts to use for career choices or volunteer opportunities.



3. Teamwork


Working together as a team is a large part of the college social structure. The cohesiveness of pledging units provide just that foundation. Learning to work together as a team is vital to success in college and in business.


4. Career


Being a part of a fraternity or sorority is an impressive notation on any resume. Most corporate entities from manufacturing to computer technology place special recognition on an applicant's involvement in social organizations. It can help advance a career or get noticed by those who make hiring decisions or promotions.


5. Positivity


Being a member of a pledge group

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