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How and when and where are you going to propose?
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Where to propose is important but not as important as the actual proposal

Actually, proposing and asking for your loved one’s hand in marriage is the central part of the proposal but where you do it may make or break the deal. Just saying. Sometimes proposals are expected and other times they are totally unexpected so no one knows what the reaction is going to be. Yes, it’s enough to make you sweat bullets in anticipation.

It could be that she will say “yes” even if you propose at a dumpsite but odds are she will agree more readily if you put some thought, consideration and romance into the asking. After all, this is one of those moments that you, and she will remember forever. Fifty years from now she will be telling your granddaughter how you proposed to her. Better to err on the side of caution and make it good. Here are some suggested places for where to propose.

Although this may not be as original (as sin), propose at your favorite restaurant, even if it is McD’s. Preferably, the locale will be a little swankier than that and involve candles and champagne and a romantic atmosphere but your intended probably won’t care. Put the ring in her drink or her dessert or come up with your own clever idea. Heck, just get down on your knee and hand it to her.

If your intended doesn’t have a fear of heights and loves amusement parks arrange for the Ferris wheel (which you two are riding, of course) to stop, with you and your loved one swaying in the breeze at the top of the world. She might be terrified enough to say "YES" quickly, or on the other hand, she may think it’s a great adventure and say “YES” equally as fast but not because she needs a knight in shining armor, just because she wants to marry you and thinks your proposal style is out of sight.

Propose to her in bed. After all, don’t we spend a huge chunk of our lifetime in a horizontal position snoozing?

Propose to her over breakfast. There is something very nice about a man proposing to a woman who is still bed-headed and bleary eyed and perhaps not at her beauty best first in the a.m. He must really love you if he proposes to you in THAT condition.

Pop the word while you and she are doing something that you love doing together. If you are scuba divers, do an underwater proposal; just don’t drop the ring. If you like hiking up mountains together, propose when you reach the summit. Take her up in a hot air balloon and pop the word. That would be one memorable proposal!

If she has just given birth to your child, this is an ideal time to pop the question. A hospital room is, considering the circumstances, the perfect place to propose.

If you are baseball, football or basketball fans, propose to her at half time or intermission. Arrange for the proposal to be flashed on the big screen. However, if your fiancé tends to be the private type you may want to think twice about doing something in front of the whole world (practically.) Don’t embarrass her.

Don’t get so caught up in where or how to propose that you put if off, and you may miss the opportunity altogether. You certainly don’t want that to happen. You know your intended best and what she likes and dislikes. Propose in a manner that will make her comfortable and happy. The actual proposal is what accounts. How or where it is done is secondary.

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