grandparent giftsContributed by Lindsay Shugerman

We all want to give our grandparents something special for the holidays. But what to pick? You know you want to give your grandparents something more interesting than a Chia Pet for Christmas. But what? It’s especially hard if your grandparents live far away.

So to help you out, I’ve gathered some of the best Christmas gifts for grandparents. Check them out … the perfect choice for your grandmom or grandpop might be right here.

Yoga and Pilates Mats

Because “grandparent” doesn’t have to mean old

best of gifts for grandparents yoga

Times have changed. A couple of generations ago, grandparents were old people who sat around and knitted or watched the world go by from a rocking chair.

Now yoga and exercise classes at gyms across the country are filled with people who bear the title “grandparent” and they’re anything but old. Surprise your active grandmother or grandfather with a new eco-friendly yoga mat. Add some foam blocks, stretch band and water bottle for a fitness gift they’ll use year round. (PS … No fair stealing it for your class!)

Sleep better, wake easier

Light tools to improve sleep quality

best of gifts for grandparents verilux light

As people age, sleep patterns can become irregular. But you don’t have to be elderly to experience difficulty sleeping. In fact, over 60% of people over 40 report trouble falling or staying asleep at least a couple of times a week. And the percentage of people affected goes up with age.

Who knew a light could help fix that problem? But it can. Research shows that full spectrum times “sleep and wake” lights can get people back into a regular sleep pattern. And that makes it a great gift for your grandparents … and maybe mom and dad, too!

Send them a feast from the sea

The next best thing to taking them out to dinner

best of gifts for grandparents salmon dinner

It would be nice to be able to take your grandparents out to dinner during the holidays. But if they live far away, that might not be possible.

The next best thing? Send a feast to their door. And delicious salmon is a wonderful place to start. An online gourmet store can deliver mouth watering salmon, tempting appetizers and veggies and even dessert and coffee. Or create your own menu from their many gourmet choices, and they’ll deliver it just the way you want.

And one last thing … I know they’d love to see you, so if a visit isn’t an option, e-mail them a picture of you to put on the table, and it’ll almost be like you’re there!

Give them the world

Travel DVDs show destinations, attractions, vistas

best of gifts for grandparents travel videos

If travel is part of your grandparents’ lifestyle (or in the plans for years ahead), give them a preview with stunning travel videos from the world’s most beautiful, dramatic and exciting destinations. Pick the places they plan to visit, and watch their excitement as they see on the screen what they will soon see in person.

Or if travel is no longer possible, these videos from the Travel Video Store can bring the world to your grandparents right in their own living room. Buy DVDs, or download directly to a PC for instant enjoyment and armchair travel.

A year of family on the couch or favorite chair

Custom photo gifts give joy all year long

The next best thing to having you and the rest of the grandkids around is having your picture there everyday when you create a custom photo gifts. Choices like this photo pillow let you give them pictures for the whole year for a price even a college student can afford.

Pick your favorite family photos and they’ll create the pillow or one of their other beautiful photo gifts for you. (Or you could be mean and pick all those awkward shots of your sister with that bad perm, and send those in, too! We won’t tell!)