getting affordable fashionsStocking your wardrobe on a budget can prove quite difficult.

Even in the age of limitless online shopping options it is still easy to find yourself under budget or stuck choosing from less than top quality clothing options. In this article I will offer some tips for getting a designer look at an affordable price.


Look for quality materials that are similar to those used in the designer pieces you desire. Pique cotton, for example, is used in the manufacture of many fine polos and sports shirts but is not the exclusive property of expensive brands and design houses. Many “off brand” items are made with this same material. Look for stores that feature imported fashions in 100% cotton or silk for fabrics that are luxe without the price tag.

Copy-Cat Designs

It is worth noting that many up and coming brands and design houses make some of their money producing copy-cat pieces that resemble those produced by the more established labels. This bad news for the big brands, good news for your pocket book and wardrobe!

Thrift stores & consignment shops

Thrift stores and consignment shops often carry gently used designer pieces. These pieces are generally in good condition as it is generally not in the shop’s best interest to stock unserviceable goods. In addition to being a great place to find a deal on high end goods, these shops often receive their inventory in the form of donations and use the profits to fund worthy causes.

Consider what the designer is trying to replicate

If, for example, you have been eyeing a new style of boot inspired by the classic American work boot, then perhaps your best bet is to buy boots from a company that sells work boots for people who use work boots for their job. The great thing about this is that one can allow the clothes to wear naturally giving them a more authentic worn in look than clothes which have been mechanically worn or stone washed.

These tips for how to get a designer look at an affordable price should set you on your way to finding great fashionable clothing items at a deep discount! There are a ton of alternatives to paying high prices for the look you want.

So, forgo that retail markup and start shopping smart and looking great doing it!