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The 10 Best Golf Drivers In [2020]

By Amanda Wright

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best golf driver is then we’d recommend the Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Driver.

The best golf driver may be different for each golfer. What features you are looking for depends on what you would like to improve and overall personal preference.

Here are the golf drivers we’ll be reviewing.

What should you look for in the best golf driver?

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Club Head Shape

The size and shape of your club head can determine how you strike the ball and how far it goes. It’s always smart to test out and experiment with several clubs before settling on one. 

Regardless of how long you’ve been playing, you should always want to minimize the number of mis-hits during your round. The type of club head you use will be a key factor in the way you hit it.

Club Head Weight

Most club heads come with a weight around two hundred grams. There are even some types of clubs where you can adjust the weight. The lighter the club head, the easier it may be to swing. But, more weight in the right spot can send your golf ball flying.

Shaft Length And Material

Graphite, steel, and carbon are typical materials that make up a driver shaft. Graphite provides a more flexible and forgiving shaft that can help give your club head more weight. Steel can add more force to your hits, whereas carbon is more a combination of strength and flexibility.

Most drivers are between forty-three and forty-six inches in length. Shorter shafts are usually easier to control. But, the longer the shaft, the more opportunity you have for more distance on impact.

Ultimate Forgiveness

If only life was as forgiving as some drivers. A driver with high forgiveness gives you a better chance of hitting a good shot. A large club face with a solid core is ideally what would make a driver more forgiving.

Here are some of the overall best golf drivers, along with the pros and cons of these products.

Wilson C300 Driver 460cc

The Wilson C300 Driver 460cc comes with the latest technology developed by Wilson. Its improved design adds better power and direction to any ball you strike. This comes from two power holes located on the club’s crown and sole.

Its design helps with air displacement and creates a large sweet spot on the face of the club. You can adjust the crown of the driver to customize each shot you take. The club also comes with an extra soft grip and high quality Fujikura Speeder Pro flexible, graphite shaft.


  • With this driver you should see greater distances on your shots. 
  • The design of the club allows you to make adjustments to improve.
  • The grip of the driver feels good in your hands and gives you extra control.


  • The club shaft may be too long for some players.
  • The driver is not cost-effective.

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver

The Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver is a more traditional club style with an upgraded face. The driver comes with a new face cup that helps lift your ball and add extra force at impact. The face COR (Coefficient of Restitution) is higher which gives you a larger area to hit the ball.

The club head comes with a hibore crown that makes the center of gravity on the club lower. The repositioned mass helps increase the MOI (moment of inertia) for more speed. This driver comes with an ultra-light hostel that counterbalances the weight of the club head with the lightweight shaft.


  • This driver will add distance to your shots off the tee.
  • Its traditional design combined with the new face cup provides a unique style.
  • The offset feature of the club face helps the driver be very forgiving.


  • The style of this club may not work for some golfers.
  • The club is not cost-effective.

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Driver

The Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Driver is a combination driver. You can customize the driver’s shaft, flex, and loft to improve your game.

This driver comes with a newly designed club face that uses FS2S titanium. The club head is around six grams lighter than other titanium driver heads. This material provides strength and durability. It also transmits speed and spin control making the driver very forgiving as you play.

The jailbreak sole and crown design makes the club head lighter than many others, but still heavy enough to provide forceful impact. The head design also includes weight redistribution that will give you a higher MOI (moment of inertia).

You can adjust the heel and rear weight of the club. This driver is versatile and you can fine-tune it to fit your game.


  • The club head is very balanced and lightweight.
  • You will find this driver is very forgiving as you play.
  • On impact there is a terrific sound when using this club.


  • The driver is not cost-effective.
  • You cannot find this driver on sale in store or online.

TaylorMade M3 Driver 460cc

The TaylorMade M3 Driver 460cc comes with the options of blue, red, or white graphite shafts. You can also choose the hand orientation, flex, and loft you want for your driver.

This golf club features a curving face design with a corrective angle aspect. You can hit off-center balls and still have success because of its high forgiveness. The club face design reduces ball spin and allows you to deliver long, straight shots down the course.

The driver comes with an enhanced sole slot that you can adjust to make the club face more or less flexible. Its redesigned center also helps add speed to the ball with lower placement on the club face.


  • The lighter shaft options provide a lot of speed behind your swing.
  • This driver has a lot of forgiveness.
  • You can adjust the club head weight, for example, to add more ground roll and less arc on some shots.


  • The club head can break off with enough force.
  • The driver is not cost-effective.

Cobra Golf 2020 Men’s Speedzone Driver

The Cobra Golf 2020 Men’s Speedzone Driver is unique with its design and shaft materials. You can choose from five different types of customizable materials. The degree of flex and configuration of the club face have options available too.

Its club face has CNC milling to create a wide surface area for powerful driving speed. The driver also has a newly designed titanium speed chassis. This includes a T-bar that allows you to swing the driver fast without degrading the face from the impact.

The weight distribution between the club head and shaft provide exceptional balance. The crown has a three hundred sixty carbon wrap that covers fifty percent of its frame which adds stiffness and resistance to hits.

The back of the club head features sixty-nine grams of mass with low positioning for even more speed transference.


  • The driver is very aerodynamic.
  • You should have excellent control over your swing speed with this club.
  • It provides extra distance because of the weighted back end.


  • This club is best for more experienced golfers.
  • The driver is not cost-effective.

TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver

The TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver lets you choose hand orientation, flex, and loft configuration. The titanium club head is 460cc which provides a strong aspect of control and launch speed. The core of the club is also solid, ultralight titanium.

The shaft of the driver is a TaylorMade white tie 55 design that makes the club more aerodynamic. The sleek shaft with a glowing titanium finish is perfect for maximum distance and a smooth feel. You should feel very little resistance from this club as you swing. 

It also comes with a speed pocket that improves the performance of your ball after impact. You will notice the low amount of spin your ball displays as it travels towards the intended target.

The club head is smooth and satiny black with specific detailing to help line your ball up correctly. The grip is also a regular TaylorMade texture grip.


  • The redesigned club head can help you achieve long distances.
  • You can adjust the loft of the club face through the loft sleeve.
  • The RBZ driver is very cost-effective when compared with similar clubs.


  • The club could give some golfers more distance.
  • The shaft of the club is not carbon fiber.

PGX Offset Golf Driver

The PGX Offset Golf Driver is a very cost-effective way to acquire a good quality driver into your golf bag. The driver’s club head is a curved design with anti-slicing technology. A slight offset also ensures plenty of forgiveness in your game.

This driver’s club head is tournament ready at 460cc. The style features smooth and clean alignment lines with a weighted backside to help drive the ball farther.

The square face of the driver also can help you consistently hit long straight drives down the course.


  • The driver is a very cost-effective option for the average golfer.
  • The design of the driver can help you hit balls more consistently in the direction you want.
  • The driver has an offset head, which can assist with accuracy. 


  • The design of this club is very basic.
  • The shaft may be too short for some players.

TaylorMade SIM MAX-D Driver

The TaylorMade SIM MAX-D Driver is a fully customizable club. Newer calibration to the club head has improved the sweet spot for optimal ball strikes. Its design is within the legal limits for tournament use as well.

The club face has a corrective face angle which minimizes mis-hits. This driver allows you to produce straight, clean ball strikes.

Some of the driver’s construction materials include carbon, steel, and titanium. These different components are built in the club head and shaft of the driver. The head also features low weight positioning to add extra force to your swing.

The oversized face and high MOI (moment of inertia) gives you a large area to strike the ball. This increase in inertia will enhance the distance and loft as your ball travels. It also comes with a two-degree loft sleeve which provides optimal trajectory and angle for your shots. This driver is extremely forgiving.


  • You are less likely to have mis-hits as you play.
  • If you play with a handicap, you will see an improvement in the distance you achieve.
  • You should notice yourself hitting straighter shots.


  • The driver is not cost-effective.
  • This driver’s club head may be too large for some golfers.

Mizuno 2020 ST200 Driver

The Mizuno 2020 ST200 Driver features a forged SAT Beta Ti Face that gives you total control of your golf ball. The club face features an increase in thickness that distributes weight into the COR (coefficient of restitution) area. The face also has a carbon composite crown that assists with weight distribution and center of gravity.

This driver is lightweight with carbon framing around the club head. Its wave technology helps transfer the force of your swing to lift the ball in the air at higher speeds.

The redesigned Mizuno is tour ready and features low spin and high forgiveness for all types of golfers.


  • The driver has some of the latest technology for weight distribution.
  • You can better control the distance of your shots with the redesigned club face.
  • This club is fully customizable with hand orientation, flex, shaft material, and configuration.


  • The club is not cost-effective.
  • This driver may be harder to hit for less experienced golfers.

Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Driver

The Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Driver is a fully customizable driver. You can choose the flex and shaft materials to match with clubs you may already have. There are four different options of shafts, including Synergy 50G and 60G, Even Flow Blue, and Quaranta.

There are three different lofts to choose from, ranging from nine degrees up to thirteen and a half degrees. You can add the extra speed you want with this club through its jailbreak effect. This aspect transmits force through the club face at more than double the speed and distance.

The forgiveness of this hybrid driver makes it optimal for beginners and intermediate golfers. The carbon crown also adds extra force to your shots which results in longer distances.

Rogue drivers are some of the most powerful hybrid drivers Callaway produces. The driver’s high MOI (moment of inertia) generates quality resistance and forgiveness for all kinds of golfers.


  • The driver is very forgiving and produces low spin for higher lofts.
  • You can give your ball the distance you need to send it anywhere on the course.
  • When hit correctly, the potential of this club is exceptional.


  • The club head is breakable and can crack.
  • The face of the driver could be even more forgiving for some players.

Our Choice

There are a lot of amazing drivers on the market today, and depending on your budget and skill level, there is always a club choice for you. Of all the best golf drivers listed above, our choice is the Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Driver.

The technological improvements on this driver are truly next level. Its redesigned club face provides exceptional speed and loft. It also features a light, flexible, and aerodynamic balance with high forgiveness. This club sales at a competitive price, so you can own one of the best drivers without breaking your budget.

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