Here is a list of what to get for a Nascar collection that will impress everyone

Here is a list of what to get for a Nascar collection that will impress everyone

Sports fans — no matter what sport they are actually a fan of — have long found collecting items that pertain to those sports to be a fun past time. Some people feel as though they have a certain connection by collecting items. Some people use their collections to remember a certain place or time. Others simply love to show off that they are a fan of a certain sport, a certain team or a certain player by displaying their collectibles.

That is why the answer to those wondering what to get for a Nascar collection can actually be quite varied. It really depends on what kind of collection you want to start. If you are adding to the collection that someone else is keeping, it is incredibly important that you make sure that the additions actually jibe with what is being collected.

Model Cars

Because Nascar is rooted in the cars and how they perform on the road, model cars seem to be the best way to make additions to a Nascar collection.

You can go the rather simple route and get models of the cars that are speeding around the tracks these days. You can also embrace the heritage and history of the sport and expand your collection to the kinds of cars that used to be in the races. You can also go with something in between, and pay homage to the past but not the distant past. There are cars made that are supposed to look just like the ones some of the greatest drivers who ever set “wheel” on the track.


Flags and Banners

Flags and banners that go along with the races that are run for Nascar are items that some people have added to their collections. Like the models, some people work hard to recognize the history of the sport and will add flags and banners from past years and past races. Some of those races aren’t run anymore and the banners and flags can be quite a collector’s item.

Bobblehead Dolls

Like the model cars, it seems as if toys that remind people of their favorite sports are incredibly popular when it comes to collections. Bobblehead dolls are becoming that much more popular all the time. Big time collectors are going to be going out of their way to get a bobblehead doll of every driver who is currently starring in Nascar. Just like the models and flags, getting a bobblehead doll of a driver from a bygone era is a going to be a really good way to add to a Nascar collection.


Like most of the other items on this list, apparel is one that can be applied to almost any collection. When it comes to the NFL, NHL,NBA or MLB, people might want to collect jerseys of their favorite players. When it comes to Nascar it seems like baseball caps are the most popular. This is likely because people are usually not going to be walking around in the fire retardant outfits that drivers wear when they are working.

Baseball caps are usually the item of clothing that drivers are most associated with, that the average fan can wear as well. After a race, you often see the winning driver slap on a certain hat while standing in the winner’s circle. When collecting apparel, the collectors are usually wanting to get something they can envision their favorite athletes wearing as well. There is a whole cottage industry of apparel that allows people to feel like they are standing in their idols’ shoes. Adding to this collection means finding that hard to find hat, or perhaps even getting a specific hat autographed by the driver who usually wears it.