Discover where to find unique Afrocentric gifts to up your gift-giving game

Discover where to find unique Afrocentric gifts to up your gift-giving game

Honor African-American culture by gifting someone you care about with an Afrocentric gift. In years past, it was difficult to find gifts that catered to black culture. Fortunately, today, there is a wealth of shops and boutiques that cater to black people to help us pay homage to our African-American heritage. 

Below I list some ideas as to where to find unique Afrocentric gifts for someone special in your life.

An important part of where to find unique Afrocentric gifts is looking for places that host products with likenesses of black men and women on them. Seeing ourselves in art can be an inspiring point in the day, so why not gift someone something that they will use regularly, like a planner with beautiful Afrocentric art on the cover and throughout the pages. 

Other ideas for Afrocentric gifts that will get some everyday-use are calendars and tote bags featuring imagery.You can find items like these, including religious gifts, at specialty stores.


You can support small Black businesses through online marketplaces such as or even on social media platforms like Instagram in your search of unique Afrocentric gifts. There are online shop-owners that have funny, cute clothing and Afrocentric gifts for people of all ages. There are clothes for those who are ?black and proud? as well as clothes that pay homage to the continent of Africa. ?Nerd? apparel showing off love for certain television and comic book characters, or gear featuring Afrocentric slogans, and pro-black Mantras are easy to find in these online boutiques.

An even more personal gift idea is handmade skin and hair care products from local and online Black-owned businesses from Etsy or Instagram. Black hair has special needs depending on the thickness and texture and demand a special routine to maintain its health. 

Show someone you care about keeping their hair on point with Afrocentric homemade hair products. House of Zanzibar is an online boutique that hosts a wide selection of natural and organic skin and haircare products curated specifically for women of color.

Knowing where to find unique afrocentric gifts is not an impossible task these days. Many Black people have seen the absence of personal gifts curated with African-American culture in mind specifically. 

We are now able to purchase gifts with our favorite characters and slogans emblazoned across the front. We can pay homage to the great African-American authors, scholars, and artists that came before us in our clothing. and project out to the world that we are proud of who we are and where we come from.