Mepps Fishing Guide

Fish Anglers! Catch more fish with the world's #1 fishing lures

All fish anglers want to outfish their buddies. By shopping from the best of the fishing tackle catalogs, now you can.

What's Inside:

The all-new 40-page Mepps fishing lures catalog is an informative and educational guide for fish anglers of all ages. This is much more than just another fishing tackle catalog. It features pictures of more than 4,000 Mepps saltwater and freshwater fishing lures in blazing color. It also offers useful fishing tips and tactics. Get the "low-down" on Mepps Color Technology. It takes the guesswork out of selecting the right fishing lures for almost any fishing conditions.

Order your Mepps fishing lure catalog today and they'll also include a full-color 32-page Mister Twister tackle catalog. Learn all about EXUDE, the "next generation" soft plastic fishing lures from Mister Twister that leave a scent trail in the water. Why? Because they are actually made from fish food.

Whether you're shopping for bass fishing lures, fishing hats or saltwater and freshwater fishing lures, what you want is in the Mepps catalog.