Muslim Gear

Clothing that shows off your Muslim beliefs and Islam Symbols

MuslimGear isn't just one of your everyday t-shirt catalogs, it's a specialized Muslim clothing line of apparel dedicated to helping Muslim followers express their faith through fashion. Featuring Islamic symbols and messages, these Muslim clothes are a staple for Muslims of all ages.

  • Muslim clothing - Featuring urban and sports clothing made from the softest cotton, you'll find shirts, hoodies, toques, and more with slogans and images that extend your Muslim beliefs.

    What's Inside:
    MuslimGear offers apparel that not only expresses your your faith, but allows you to be stylishly cool while doing it.

  • Muslim and Islam symbols - Express your religion with artistic and powerful messages. Choose from clothing pieces that send a message by featuring Muslim symbols, Islam symbols and shirt slogans that help you take dignity in your Muslim heritage. Beautiful and detailed calligraphy embody a deeper meaning. Choose from shirts that feature the 5 pillars of Islam, the word Eeman which is Arabic for faith, a beautiful depiction of the holy city of Medina, plus even more handsome Muslim clothing designs.

  • Unisex Shirts - Whether you're a fan of short sleeve or long sleeve tee shirts, at MuslimGear, you'll find an impressive collection of Muslim clothing for the whole family. All made of 100% cotton, you'll find a variety of styles and colors to choose from, from standard white and black tees to red, brown, blue and beige shirts in sizes from X-Small to XX-Large.

  • Toques - Also known as skullcaps or scullys, these comfortable urban toques are an essential must have this winter season to protect you from the harsh winter climate. These soft and comfortable 100% cotton hats are knitted to provide extra comfort. Choose from brown, black, gray or navy blue toques that are all one size fits all and feature the signature MuslimGear logo.
You don't have to dress in full formal garb to express your religion. MuslimGear helps you believe what you wear, while spreading positive messages that promote your faith.