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Highlights for Children

Highlights magazine classroom subscriptions, puzzles, and learning activities

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Friendly Advice
Today's friendly advice is about;

Reading Materials

You'll find only the best reading materials from the reading and educational catalogs at Find reading workbooks, activities, and other reading materials for students of all age groups. Whether you young learners are just picking up their first picture book or graduating to chapter books, has the books and comprehensive reading materials to have them reading and understand what they read in no time.

Reading Comprehension Activities

Even more important than learning to sound out words is for to students to actually understand and comprehend what they read. Being able to repeat and recite the things that were read and the topics discusses is just as important as actually learning to read words. Find reading comprehension activities and reading workbooks that will help children understand what it is that they are reading. You'll also find a large selection of reading materials that teach grammar, spelling, and other essential English skills.

Reading Books

For parents, learning to read can begin at birth. Studies have shown that reading to babies from the very beginning can help mold their learning skills in the future when they actually sit down to learn to read. Teachers will find workbooks and reading materials for their classroom as well as reading comprehension activities that will get children interested in learning.

Latest Trends

Some of the latest trends in catalogs:

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You have never played pool but really want to learn how. Where do you start? Understanding the difference in pool cues before choosing one from the rack or making the purchase can put a new spin on your game. This increases the odds you will select t....

Games that get kids moving...
By Oliver VanDervoort
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Childhood obesity is no laughing matter and is a real problem in the United States. There is very little doubt that this problem is at least exacerbated by the fact that quite a lot of the activities kids love to do these days involve them sitting at....

What to know when selling video games...
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Collect airplanes: diecast models make it possible...
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Ever wish you could collect airplanes? Unless your name was recently featured on the Forbes list of richest people, you may need scale down that dream just a little. While you canít climb inside of a diecast model airplane, you can build a unique col....

Indoor activities for kids...
By Aurora LaJambre
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Kids are endlessly engaged by the outdoors because there's always something to run to, climb or chase. When they're inside on a cold or rainy day they stare out the window focusing on things they can't do while piping up every few minutes to tell you....

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