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Air Force Music: what's popular?

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Air Force band album
Air Force music captures the heart and legacy of U.S. Airmen
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Air Force music include great music by and for members of the Air Force

Air Force music speaks to the experiences and spirit of the United States Air Force. The songs evoke a unifying sense of history and patriotism in a way that only music can. Some of the most popular Air Force music is easily found online. Air Force Music is also now available for download, and includes a selection of traditional ceremonial songs and marches, as well as an eclectic mix of country, bluegrass, Dixieland and folk songs.

At its heart, Air Force music is intended to entertain and bring pleasure to the listener. Along with US Army and Navy bands, some of the original Army Air Corps bands started in 1941.

According to the United States Air Force Heritage of America Bandís website, the band was founded with the mission to enhance and boost the morale of Airmen, educate the public on the importance of airpower and the dedication of its Airmen, foster an appreciation of the Air Forceís legacy and enhance international relations. Through their efforts to achieve all of the above, these bands have created an extensive catalog of popular Air Force music.

Popular Air Force Music and Bands

Today, you may have seen some of the most popular air force bands on national television performing in ceremonies for U.S. presidents and other foreign officials. When performed live, Air Force ensembles can have well over 50 musicians.

A few of the most popular bands today include the Blue Aces and the USAF Heritage of Concert Band, which breaks down into five touring ensembles. In addition to performing live concerts for the public, Air Force bands have won international acclaim playing around the world, including Southwest Asia and parts of Africa.

Among the smaller Air Force bands, Stella Brass is a popular brass quintet with percussion instruments. This ensemble supports the training of Air Force Academy Cadets. They travel to universities and high schools throughout the country telling the stories of the Air Force. Their digital recordings enable them to serve as musical ambassadors for the academy, while their talent brings pleasure to current and future Airmen and women, their families and supporters.

Heroism, honor and bravery are common themes in Air Force music.  Many of the most popular albums are dedicated in honor of distinguished heroes.  For instance, Band of the US Air Force Reserveís album American Hero is a tribute to Brigadier General Robert L. Scott. This band consists of over 60 active-duty musicians, and the songs offer fitting accompaniment for Fourth of July picnics, or other patriotic celebrations.

While Air Force music encompasses a variety of genres, instruments and bands large and small, the most popular music captures the confidence and strength of the United States Air Force.

Whether youíre dancing in a room full of friends or sitting back to reflect, this is music that is above all meant to be enjoyed for many many years.

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