What is the Playstation 3?

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Playstation 3 consul
Not just a gaming consul. This does so much more.
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What is the Playstation 3? Everything rolled into one.

You've heard of the Sony Playstation, you've likely seen the commercials.  Their slogan may be "It only does everything," but what is everything?  With other gaming consuls as competitors, what is it that sets the Playstation 3 apart?  What is Playstation 3? Simply put, it is an all-in-one machine.  It's not simply a gaming consul anymore; it has a great entertainment value for the whole family--even if all family members don't like to play video games.


Playstation can not only access the Internet, it comes with built-in Wi-fi, or wireless internet, so you can eliminate some cords and clutter out of your life.

Movies and TV:

One great aspect of the Playstation 3 is its built-in Blu-ray player.  If you're thinking about getting gaming consul and are in the market for a Blu-ray player, Playstation 3 can save you a trip to the store.  Enjoy your favorite movies in high quality Blu-ray.

If you have your Playstation hooked up to the Internet, just go to the Playstation Network and download movies and television shows (just to rent, or to own).  If you don't want to download movies and shows from the Playstation Network, or if you can't find what you're looking for, just connect to your Netflix account (on-line movie streaming site).  Relax and watch your Netflix movies from the comfort of your living room instead of on your computer screen.

Music and Photos:

Playstation comes with a large storage capacity.  This storage can not only be used for game saves, but also to store your music and digital photographs.  You can then listen to music through your television and show family photos to friends over your tv as well.  This makes those old slide-shows a lot more exciting.

How much storage is a "large storage capacity"?  How about models ranging from 120 to 320GB?


And of course, gaming.  Surely you enjoy your movies and games in the same quality.  If you can watch movies in Blu-ray quality, why not your games as well?  Playstation 3 comes with an HDMI output so you can see your games in the best resolution possible.  Play your games in HD with 1080p resolution.  It doesn't get much better than that.  Don't want to go to the store to purchase new games?  Don't worry, you can download those from the Playstation Network, too.

If you have a 3D television, you can watch movies and play games in 3D.  Sony does have some 3D games, so keep an eye out for them in the Playstation Network.

  •   Playstation Move:  Playstation recently came out with Playstation Move.  This can be compared to the Wii.  No need to worry, this isn't a new consul, it's merely an addition to the already existing PS3.  All you need to do to make the switch is purchase a Playstation Eye camera (it's like a webcam for the Playstation), and at least one Move controller.

    While this can be compared to Wii, there are differences.  For instance, Move is specially calibrated to each player's body.  It takes into consideration wrist movement, positioning, speed, and depth.  Move really does simulate real-life actions in the video games.
  •  Backwards Compatibility:  There may be a limit on Playstation 3's claim to do everything.  Not all Playstation 1 and 2 games are compatible with the PS3.  If you are thinking of buying a PS3 and want to see if you'll be able to play the games you already have on your new consul, check their compatibility status. 


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