How to decorate your bedroom

Know how to decorate your bedroom to make it the most stylish room in your home

Know how to decorate your bedroom to make it the most stylish room in your home

Your bedroom should be a place of comfort, relaxation and restoration. Believe it or not, the way you decorate that haven can affect just how much rejuvenation you actually experience. Of course you want your bedroom to look good, but you also want it to encourage your body to rest and revitalize itself.

Once you know how to decorate your bedroom in order to maximize the amount of solace you receive, you’ll likely look to your room as a place where you know you can relax and enjoy yourself.


While it’s true that bright and bold colors are exciting, your bedroom is not the place for them.

Colors like red and yellow are intense and are known to increase your energy levels. While this kind of effect is productive in the workplace, it’s likely not what you’re looking for in the bedroom.

Go with soft and soothing colors. Light green, beige, soft blue and lavender are perfect choices to get your mind to calm down and encourage your body to do the same. Paint the walls with these relaxing colors. Choose the same hues for the bedding. For instance, comforters and lush throw pillows in these relaxing colors make your bed look inviting and can help you get some much-needed sleep.

Wall Accents

Do you love your wall colors, but feel like something is missing? Having a big, empty wall behind your bed or elsewhere in your bedroom can give the impression that something is lacking.

Solve this problem easily by hanging a blanket that features a design that you find gorgeous on your wall. This simple technique adds texture to the wall, along with a striking design and color pattern. You can also place neat rows of pictures above your bed to add flair to your wall. Two rows of three or four similar pictures draws the eye to that area of your room and gives boring, bare walls serious decoration. A decorative wreath on the wall can weave your accent colors into the bedroom, along with organic greens.


Prints and Patterns

Although calm and soothing colors are just what you need to get into that relaxing mindset, they might not be doing it for your stylish side. Solve this problem by adding just a bit of prints and patterns here and there.

Place a comforter that features a striking design on your bed and you’ll likely be amazed at just how much that one simple touch does for the room. You could also fit lamp shades that feature stylish prints over your lamps for just a bit of decorative flair. Stick with the soft colors and you’ll have a room that is not only comforting, but chic, as well.

Don’t Forget the Windows

Window treatments are both functional and decorative. Curtains can block out light, noise and drafts, but also add so much to a room. They bring flair, color and texture to a boring window and can really turn them into pieces of art.

Choose cotton linen curtains that match the colors of your wall or choose accent hues to add a bit of sass to the room.

Whatever look you choose will bring your room together, and make it look like the sanctuary you’ve always wanted.

Knowing how to decorate your bedroom can bring style ? and sleep ? into your life. With the right decorating decisions, you can make your bedroom your favorite room in your home.


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