Choosing the most comfortable workout outfits

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Follow these great tips on choosing the most comfortable workout outfits for you

Follow these great tips on choosing the most comfortable workout outfits for you

Feeling good in workout clothing is a huge motivator to maintain an active lifestyle. Fortunately there?s no shortage of styles to choose from. Once you know what to look for, it?s easy to find gear that works as hard as you do.

The most comfortable workout outfits are made to keep you moving – focus on what you?re doing, not what you?re wearing. The best outfits make it easy to get into the zone. You forget what you?re wearing because you?re confident, dry and pushing those limits.

The most obvious advice is to try clothes on before buying them, but some of the best activewear styles and deals are only available online. Knowing what to look for in exercise clothes means you can leave those baggy sweats behind forever. Plus you?ll love the way you look and feel.


There are some major differences between appropriate exercise clothes and the cotton tees many of us default to when we first start training. Yes, cotton feels soft and comfortable at first. It?s also cheap and you probably already have an endless supply of tees at home. 


Choosing to workout in cotton sounds like a no brainer – until you start moving. Cotton absorbs sweat, which means you stay wet and sticky throughout the entire workout. That once comfy tee becomes heavy, clingy and unbearably wet. And if it has a screen print design on front, expect harsh chafing.

Breathable synthetic fabrics, also referred to as technical fabric, are designed to wick away moisture. Moisture wicking clothing keeps you dry no matter how hard you run or how much weight you lift. Plus you?ll stay warmer when it?s cold and cooler when it?s hot. With maximum ventilation, synthetic mesh fabrics are ideal if you plan to workout in hot weather.


Reading reviews will help you decipher between the most comfortable workout outfits and those that just look good. Pay attention to whether an item is true to size or if it skews tighter. Tight sleeves, tops that ride up when you run and pants that inch down when you fold forward are red flags for discomfort. 

Tops and bottoms should be fitted, but not restrictive. The seams should feel soft and unnoticeable, not scratchy. Put the clothes on either at the store or as soon as they?re delivered and test whether you can swing your arms and move freely. 

Good for layering

The body?s temperature fluctuates in response to both the weather and intensity of your workout. That?s why staying comfortable can be a challenge. It?s also why layering is so important. If you love exercising outdoors in cold weather, you must be able to regulate your temperature by peeling off and adding layers as needed.

Layering is a matter of comfort and safety. Outdoor runners are advised to dress not for the temperature it is, but for a temperature 20 degrees warmer otherwise they?ll overheat. Throw a thin, activewear jacket on top so you don?t freeze in the meantime.

Inner layers should be fitted and sweat-wicking. Choose outer layers that insulate you from wind and precipitation.

Sports bras or bust

Ladies, your most comfortable workout outfits absolutely must include a sports bra. Regardless of size, all women need support when exercising to prevent the ligaments from stretching. Damage done is permanent. 

Performance sports bras absorb shock, wick sweat and prevent bouncing. Wear them for yoga, hiking, kickboxing and any other activity you love. Your body will thank you.

Dressing in comfortable, synthetic clothing is a simple way to keep yourself moving forward. Living an active life rewards you with good health, great looks, loads of energy and wonderful new experiences. You?ll be amazed what you?re capable of.