Religious Gifts for Chanukah

Contributed by Lindsay Shugerman

The idea of exchanging gifts on Chanukah has become a part of American Jewish life. But even with this trend, some people are uncomfortable with giving secular gifts for the holiday.

If you’re looking for some gifts that are a better fit for the message, here are my choices for the best religious gifts for Chanukah.

The story of Chanukah

The history behind the holiday

best of religious gifts for hanukkah books of history

Too many people are walking around as adults with kids’ versions of the Jewish holidays. And Chanukah is no exception. Giving someone a comprehensive book about the holiday’s history and the meaning for our lives today is a wonderful way to enrich the holiday.

If you’re looking for a gift for children, a set of books about the various Jewish holidays is another valuable gift to give.

Judaic jewelry

Inspiration, Identity, History

best of religious gifts for hanukkah tree of life jewelry

One of the most common images throughout Jewish literature is the Tree of Life. It appears in mystical writing, as well as commentary and has served as a source of inspiration for centuries.

Selecting a gift of Tree of Life jewelry is a wonderful to share that iconic symbol during the holiday.

Magnificent Menorahs

Add to the light of Chanukah

“>best of religious gifts for hanukkah menorah

Presenting someone with a beautiful new menorah from Ross-Simons is a lovely way to spread the light of Chanukah. Choose a traditional oil menorah to let them sample the experience of our ancestors in the Temple. Or opt for a candle menorah with a traditional or modern appearance.

Colorful Mezuza

A small gift with a big impact

best of religious gifts for hanukkah

A colorful new mezuzah from The Metropolitan Museum Store is a simple way to brighten the holiday. Choose a traditional pattern or a bright color as a symbol of the bright triumph of spirit in that long-ago Temple and a reminder of the things we hold dear.

Kosher treats for a tasty Chanukah

Delicious treats to sweeten the holiday

best of religious gifts for hanukkah kosher gift basket

Send faraway friends and family sweet Chanukah wishes with a Kosher gift basket filled with delicious treats, from cookies and chocolate to wine.

They’ve even remembered the kids, with a colorful basket filled with Kosher Chanukah-themed cookies. Now who could resist that?

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