Romantic recipes for two put extra spice in your couple time meals

Romantic recipes for two put extra spice in your couple time meals

Date nights may include anything from a trip to the movies, salsa dancing or a visit to a fancy restaurant for a romantic meal. All of these ideas make for great dates, however if you and your partner are looking for something a bit more special and personal, consider spending an evening at home and making your own romantic homemade meal.

It is often quoted that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, however this may be equally true for women. Couples who enjoy spending time together and sharing quality food may enjoy creating their own meal. Preparing meals at home as a couple can turn an ordinary evening into a special one by selecting recipes that are sensual and made with tender loving care. Besides, the couple that indulges together stays together.

Make an otherwise ordinary meal at home extra special by lighting candles, setting out the good dinnerware and getting dressed up. Do some advance menu planning by scouring recipe books or the internet for special recipes that may spice up your love life but that also won’t take up too much of your time.


Check out the following romantic recipes for two below to get your menu started.

French Tenderloin

A lean and tender filet mignon makes for a lovely main meal course for yourself and someone special. Tenderloin can be cooked in several ways but is most easily prepared by pan-frying with a little oil.

Simply drizzle a skillet with a healthier oil such as extra-virgin olive oil and place thawed fillets in the pan on medium-heat. Cook thoroughly for 5 to 10 minutes per side for a medium-rare steak.

The trick to making a piece of meat into a romantic meal however is in the spices and aromatic additions. As the meat cooks, saute onions with a little broth, white wine and herbs such as thyme and rosemary. Once the onions become translucent, add the mixture to the meat pan for a meal reminiscent of a french bistro.

Salacious Seafood

Many types of seafood, such as mussels and oysters have been referred to as aphrodisiac foods or foods that can heat up your love life.

Mussels in particular are a sexy food as researchers claim that compounds in them help to release hormones in the body that are associated with physical attraction. While this theory may not be scientifically proven to be true for everyone, it stands to reason that enjoying mussels with a loved one could possibly lead to amour.

Try a spicy mussel dish such as Eating Well’s Mussels South of Two Borders recipe for two.

Chicken Parmesan

When you think of romantic meals, you may conjure up images of Lady and the Tramp, the two cartoon dogs that shared a plate of pasta which led to a kiss.

Pasta generally has a romantic appeal to it perhaps in relation to its Italian origins where the men are said to be amorous and sexy. A plain plate of pasta can be boring however; try adding some substance to noodles by preparing Chicken Parmesan that adds a satisfying dose of protein and tasty kick of flavors. Bake or grill breaded chicken breasts and serve atop cooked whole-grain pasta. Smother generously in a rich tomato sauce sprinkled with cheese and aromatic herbs.

When selecting recipes for a romantic evening with your partner, look for recipes that aren’t too complicated or time-consuming. No matter what meal you decide to cook for yourself and a loved one, remember it’s more about spending time together than what’s actually on your plate.