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Trade show items

Capture the attention of potential clients, customers and retailers with the right trade show items for demonstration and give away. An eye-catching freebie is often enough to draw people out of the crowd and into your booth that's your opportunity to teach them about your services or products. Some of the most popular trade show items are coffee mugs, pens, key chains, flashlights and mouse pads. But the hands down winner year after year, particularly among younger business people, is the t-shirt. Although t-shirts are a more expensive give away, they have the additional benefit of providing on-going, highly visible advertising for your company or services long after the trade show is over.

Event promotion supplies

The most important key to a successful event is getting the word out to potential sponsors and guests. Even the most spectacular events need to be well publicized to be successful --- that's where event promotion supplies come in. From flyers and posters to giveaways, tickets and programs, the event promotion supplies set the tone for your event long before the first ticket is sold. The now famous Live Eight event relied on a carefully coordinated campaign of posters, magazine and newspaper inserts, radio station promotional giveaways and unique event tickets to build worldwide excitement for the concerts. Even with a star-studded list of musicians, it was the publicity that took it from a series of great concerts to a world-class event.

Trade show supplies

From tables and poster stands to draping, bunting and banners, a successful trade show booth require the right trade show supplies. Before you choose your printed material, promotional giveaways or video presentations, be sure you have the basics for your booth. Decide on a theme well in advance will you go with the company logo and colors or will there be a special theme tied into the nature of this specific show? Choose your trade show supplies carefully, selecting the best quality possible. A cheap tablecloth, or a wobbly poster stand might save you a few dollars, but it will not convey the image of quality so essential to a successful show booth. Remember, you only have a few seconds to tell people what your company is all about make sure quality is their first impression.

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