Pashmina wrap - Fine pashmina shawl wraps & cashmere and pashmina scarves

Styling women with one of the most popular modern fashion accessories of today, Kellsons Pashminas features an elegant pashmina wrap collection that is made from 100% pure, light-weight, warm, versatile and soft pashmina wool.

What's Inside:
  • Kellsons Pashmina wrap collection - A pashmina wrap is one of the most versatile accessories a woman can own, changing the look, feel and style of virtually any outfit with just a simple toss or fold. Find your perfect pashmina shawl wrap that can warm up any ensemble with effortless style, while giving you a cozy and sleek alternative to large and bulky sweaters.

  • Pashmina scarves and throws - Choose from plain or printed pashmina scarves, double shaded pashmina shawl wraps, beaded, basket weave or suede fringed pashmina styles. Snuggle up with inviting pashmina throws that are handloom woven, dyed and featuring decadent pashmina and silk blends. Whether you're cozying up on the couch at home or headed out for a night on the town, Kellsons Pashminas will wrap you up in style and comfort.

  • Shamina wrap - Treat yourself to the ultimate luxury accessory that is ideal for day or night, the Shamina wrap. Beautifully made strand by strand on traditional Kashmir handlooms, discover a fine palette of exquisite solid colors, or enjoy Reversible Shaminas featuring double ply Cashmere in reversible colors that offer more options as well as the delighful feel and warmth of 100% pure pashmina.

  • Sufiyaan pashmina shawl wrap - Truly the "King of Fabrics", Sufiyaan is the finest Cashmere gathered from neck of the pashmina goat. Light as a cloud, soft as heaven and fit for a class of maharajas, Sufiyaan is crafted from an innovative technique that takes up to 40 days to complete on a single handloom and is available in over 75 vibrant colors to choose from.

  • Mckoosh shawls - Mckoosh shawls are made from the finest Cashmere gathered from Capra Hiracus goat's neck and underbelly. Manufactured completely by hand in an intricately detailed process, this unique and indulgent fabric features 100% organic Pashmina that is completely free of chemicals with four shades of Natural Cashmere yarn distinguished by different shades of stripes, exclusively at Kellsons.

  • Silk wraps and scarves - Enjoy the feel and look of shimmering silk scarves made of 100% silk, available in seven glamorous colors from the boldest hot pink to neutral tones of brown and grey. Worn casually thrown over the shoulders, around the neck or around the waist as a sarong, Kellsons silk scarves are every bit as versatile as their stunning pashmina wraps.

  • Cashmere scarves - If you love Kellson's sumptuous selection of posh pashmina wraps, you'll love pampering yourself even more with 100% cashmere scarves that add a touch of glamour and splendor to any ensemble. Delve into the finest quality cashmere fabric featuring 3" and 4" fringe and four ply cashmere that is always a classic choice for today's modern woman.
Kellsons Pashminas brings style and elegance into every woman's wardrobe with 100% pure pashmina wraps that serve as a versatile accent item that will surely complement any outfit. Ideal for travel, chilly evenings and gifts for fashionable friends and family members, shop for a variety of pashmina scarves and pashmina wraps that will envelope you and your loved ones in true elegance.