A La Zing

Gourmet oven-ready 5 star meals from A La Zing

Simplify your life with complete, oven-ready gourmet food gifts and meals from A La Zing! From your freezer to your table…there is no easier way to buy gourmet food online and serve fast, delicious meals.

  • Elegant seafood meals ready to eat in minutes instead of hours
  • Easy to prepare and delicious tasting - like they came from your favorite restaurant
  • Juicy Omaha steaks, roasts and filets, ready for your grill or oven
  • A full selection of delicious side dishes to complete your gourmet food mail order meals
  • Decadent gourmet food gifts for the end of the perfect meal, like a David Glass cheesecake, or a rich Tiramisu
Preparing gourmet steak dinners, poultry dishes or seafood meals from scratch can take hours.

What's Inside:
A La Zing has the answer. They let you buy gourmet food online, carefully prepared by their own skilled chefs, and delivered it to your door, ready for the grill or oven.

And when you’re looking for something special to say thank you or to celebrate a special occasion, consider A La Zing for gourmet food gifts. Their easy to use catalog lets you order your gourmet gift online in seconds! Meals make great gifts for new parents, college students and elderly relatives, too!

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