Collector's Edge

Party like it's 1599 - collectible swords, knives, clothing accessories and medieval weapons

Step back into an earlier time with precision replicas of Renaissance and medieval weapons, Renaissance clothing, and fantasy collectible knives and swords. Choose from:

  • Renaissance and medieval swords - Whether you're a reenactor looking for Renaissance or medieval weapons for an SCA event or Ren Faire, or a collector of fine medieval swords, you'll find an exceptional selection of replica Renaissance and medieval weapons in their catalog.

    What's Inside:

  • Asian, Viking or Fantasy swords and weapons - Collectors of Viking swords, Oriental weapons or fantasy swords will love the huge selection of collectible knives and swords from history and imagination. From a Viking sword and scabbard to the sword of the Archangel Michael, each page of their catalog is filled with finely crafted weapons and accessories.

  • Medieval clothing and Renaissance costumes - Dress the part in authentic Renaissance fashions and medieval dresses from across Europe. More than simply costumes, each item in their collection of men's clothing and ladies Renaissance dresses reflects the styles, construction and detailing of the day.

  • Scottish weapons, clothing and accessories - Get ready for the next Highland Games, clan gathering or Scottish wedding when you select a broadsword, Claymore or Scottish military dirk. They also carry the jewelry, accessories, clothing and decorative items you need for the look and feel of Scotland.

  • Pirate weapons and clothing - Take to the high seas, or just look the part in women and men's pirate shirts, coats, boots, bodices, and other pirate attire. Add a cutlass, replica flintlock, and other pirate essentials. Don't miss their Pirates of the Caribbean collection, too.

  • Renaissance and medieval home decor - Your home will truly be your castle when you choose from their unique medieval décor collection. From dungeon accessories to medieval wall banners and flags, you'll find the accessories you need to bring the look of days long past to every room in your home.

Collector's Edge brings the magic of the past to you. Whether you choose collectible knives and swords from early Europe or Asia, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings reproductions or medieval, Renaissance, pirate or gothic clothing, you'll find it all at the Collector's Edge.