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Where to buy scrubs

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Bold, bright, innovative styles are the hotest trend for scrubs and other health care industry apparel
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White is OUT. Cheerful colors, patterns and prints are IN.

Anyone who works in the health care field knows that scrub fashion has undergone a major revolution.  In the old days, doctors, nurses, dentists, and other medical technicians dressed in plain white lab coats or plain, solid colored scrubs.  Today, fashionable medical apparel is the latest trend. 

Researching and deciding where to buy scrubs and other industry clothing is the first and most challenging step toward wardrobe resuscitation.  Thankfully, there are so many innovative vendors offering stylish choices for scrubs, lab coats, nursing uniforms, caps, shoes, and accessories.

Health care work is certainly one of the most respected careers.  Doctors, Nurses, Physicians Assistants, Surgeons, even Lab technicians quite literally hold human lives in their hands.  It goes without saying that a professional appearance and respectful bedside manner are crucial for anyone employed in the health care industry.  However, this doesn’t mean that health care workers must always dress in crisp, sterile white. 

When it comes to deciding where to buy scrubs, be aware that nowadays, cheerful, colorful fabrics, fun patterns and prints are all the rage.  Even scientific studies have proven that colors and entertaining prints have a beneficial psychological effect on patients.  This holds particularly true in the pediatric field.  For example, doctors today can help to put young patients at ease, simply by wearing fun colorful with animal prints or funky designs. 

Trendy medical apparel certainly makes unique gifts for professionals employed in the health care community.  Before deciding where to buy scrubs, it may be helpful to research the dress codes and regulations of a specific hospital, medical office or other health care establishment.  Also be sensitive to the fact that some hospitals do use color specific scrubs to differentiate medical disciplines and departments. 

Key Tips for Selecting Medical Apparel: 

If you plan to purchase apparel from online sources, find out about their return policies prior to selecting where to buy scrubs.  If sizes and measurements are not accurate, you will want to return or exchange your items.

When it comes to buying footwear, remember, comfort and support are critical for professionals who work on their feet all day.  Some of the most popular health industry shoe brands, highly rated for comfort, support and durability include Dansko, Dawgs and Sketchers Work shoes.

Soft, washable, wrinkle-free fabrics are ideal for scrub tops, scrub pants, and jackets.  Also important is the stain resistant and germ resistant quality of the material.  When it comes to colors and designs, exclusive designer prints are hot for 2010, as are retro tie dye designs.  For pants, consider modern fit styles such as low rise and drawstring waists.

Medical industry related accessories can be fun, functional and stylish conversation pieces.  For instance, consider blood pressure cuffs in bright colors like purple, turquoise or pink. The pink ribbon stethoscope is a particularly unique accessory.  A portion of the proceeds from the pink scope are donated to the American Cancer Society

Ultimately, the decision of where to buy scrubs is merely the first step into a world of fashion that is quickly becoming its own major industry.  Exciting new apparel styles, options and designs are sure to be welcomed in the ever advancing medical community.

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