What is feng shui?

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A feng shui compass
A feng shui compass helps balance the energies in your home or business
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Discover how you can use feng shui in your home or office.

Many designers use the ideas of feng shui to bring harmony to living and work spaces. A feng shui specialist can analyze your home or office and give suggestions about how you can improve the feng shui to make your space more harmonious and conducive to productivity.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is an ancient art and science developed in China over 3,000 years ago. It adheres to some of the basic principles of Taoism: that everything is energy, and that balance of energy is important. The words feng shui mean "wind water."

The science of feng shui requires years of study to understand it in all its complexity. Feng shui experts study for years and are equipped with the knowledge and understanding to help people apply its principles.

Feng shui is founded on the belief that every thing, person, animal, and place on earth has energy, or Chi. Today, arranging your home and office according to the principles of feng shui can show you how to balance the energies in your environment. This allows for increased health and fortune for your family or business.

The Five Elements

The five elements of Feng Shui are earth, metal, fire, water, and wood. Each element represents a different area of life; how you balance these elements will affect these elements in either a negative or positive way.
  • Fire represents passion and high energy.
  • Earth represents nourishment and stability.
  • Metal represents clarity and preciseness.
  • Water represents ease, freshness, and abundance.
  • Wood represents health and vitality.
The Ba Gua

The Ba Gua is an octagonal diagram that is used to plan a living or working space according to feng shui. The eight compass points (north, northeast, northwest, east, west, south, southeast, southwest) each have corresponding elements, colors, body parts, and life situations. A feng shui expert will use this diagram to help you arrange and design your home or office to create the most balance and harmony. The expert may also use a feng shui compass a magnetic needle surrounded by concentric rings to gain insight into the energies of your building.

What is feng shui? Feng shui is a complicated and multi-faceted art, but having a basic understanding of its principles and how to apply them can bring balance into your home and your business.

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