Female pet names

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Selecting a pets' names is easy if one considers the animals' personality traits.
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Bestowing female pet names requires some personality studies

Ruff, ruff. Meow. Tweet-tweet-tweet. All kinds of lovable pets spend considerable parts of their days reminding owners that it’s—once again—time for some petting or baby talk. The pets may bark, squawk—or walk in circles and mewl. Beauties with feathered wings cock their heads sideways, awaiting the voice of their friend—the person who brings them treats and keeps them healthy.

Dogs and cats and birds alike—in addition to many other species—are quick to answer to their given names. The monikers usually are sweetly spoken, but sometimes they are followed with a sharp exclamation point when babies do do-do—or some other no-no that’s against the rules. Pet names are special. And female pet names often are the result of days or weeks of deep thinking.

Every pet’s name has special meaning. Female pet names, however, take extra consideration. Deciding upon female pet names takes into account the natural characteristics of the pets including—but not limited to—the pets’ personalities, sizes, and weights, plus the unique traits that brought them to the owner’s attention.

Names can be matched to behaviors

For instance, a fluffy little pooch that can be carried in one hand might warrant one of the female pet names that tend to imply regal connotations—Diva or Queenie—unless the furry little terror bit the ankle of a burglar and earned the name, Killer. Likewise, the big, toothy canine that permitted the hapless burglar to prance into the yard unchallenged could deserve a name that implies softness and nonchalance—Sleepy, perhaps.

These are the pets that share lives, meals, walks to the park—and their masters’ beds, in many households. The best of the best is all that’s good enough for today’s beloved pets. Female pet names sometimes relate to an animals attitude of sophistication.

The products used by pet owners show the level of esteem felt for those animals. Many take pets everywhere. The luxuries include pet strollers with ample storage room for toys and stylish wardrobes of fitted coats, gem-studded collars and spacious travel crates.  

Names can reflect owners’ emotions

Female pet names reflect affection and oftentimes status. Pure breed pets may have female pet names consisting of two or three hyphenated names. But simple or sophisticated, pets of all kinds rely on uninterrupted care. And owners give that care with love and selflessness.

Pet owners provide veterinary care and vitamin-rich foods. Many keep their pets’ water and food safe from dust and insects by using specially designed feeders and watering systems. Some are wall-mounted to avoid stress on pets’ necks.  

Names can be tributes to personalities

Pet owners will swear the accessories are well deserved by their pets. Their perception is the reason female pet names tend to be descriptive. Few pets will be named Thinker or Scholar. Instead, the names reported to be the most common female pet names include among the top of the rankings female pet names that describe animals with characteristics easily matched to personality traits.

Whether you own a dog, cat, bird—or a less traditional female pet such as a ferret, rabbit, snake or turtle—the selection of female pet names is a process that inevitably will instill a sense of familiarity—a heartfelt bond—between the pets and their people.

These are animals that look to their owners for every need. They crave attention. Today’s pet greeting cards show owners’ boundless sincerity. In fact, dog breed cards are cute and affordable and used by people who own not just dogs but all kinds of animals. 

Female pet names can be derivatives

Female pet names may include a touch of masculinity if the pet displays characteristics that warrant the nomenclature. There’s a world of choices when it comes to female pet names and some are derived from feminized male names—Maxie, for instance.

• Sassy, Goldie, Lucky
• Lady, Shadow, Kitty
• Sleepy, Smokey, Harley

Nonetheless, a giant-sized nod is in order for the real deal: the name “Hercules,” fittingly goes to the world’s largest dog, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. That dog, “Hercules,” is an English Mastiff. It tips the scales at nearly 285 pounds and its neck is nearly 40 inches in diameter. Imagine buying a dog collar bigger than most humans’ waistbands.

Consider the pet’s future occupations

Consider when thinking about female pet names the possibility that the pet may be doing some specialized work in the future. Does your family have a history of police work? Have there been pets trained as canine police? Are there therapy dogs among your family members? Is fishing or hunting a favored activity? Female pet names abound. The selection is up to you. Call them anything you like, except late for dinner.

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