Tips for breaking away from family

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Becoming independent is often freeing and satisfying
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Breaking away from family involves courage and a plan for independence

Breaking away from family is a step that almost every person experiences to some degree.

Whether it is to become financially independent from your relatives or to separate yourself from them completely, you can likely achieve your aspiration. However, it is usually a process that takes time to do both physically and emotionally.

Make Your Own Money

Creating distance between you and your relatives is impossible if you still depend on them financially. Asking for money when you are trying not to take care of yourself looks irresponsible and can leave you and without any money to support yourself.

To start creating your own financial independence, you'll need an excellent resume. You can create one that is impressive at home and by yourself with the help of computer programs. A variety of different applications allow you to create a resume that highlights your skills, as well as your past occupations and education. Do your best to create a resume that looks professional. Proof-read the document several times to ensure errors aren't present, as turning in a resume that has spelling mistakes looks extremely unprofessional. 

In order to get a salary you can live on, you may need to go to college or take online courses first.

Although doing so may take time and hamper your plans to become financially independent right away, you will be better off in the long run.  

Prove Responsibility

Young people who don't want their parents constantly supervising them often want to start doing things on their own. However, if your parents don't feel you are responsible or dependable enough, they may keep life how it is and continue to watch over everything you do.

When you prove that you can take care of yourself, however, you give your parents a reason to trust that you can do fine without them. For instance, keeping your living quarters neat and tidy, paying your bills on time -- if you have any -- and keeping your belongings in good condition may show them that you don't need to be so attached anymore.

You should also go out of your way to show your maturity. For instance, taking on extra chores, getting a job and offering to help others can also display these traits to your parents. Over time, they may ease up and allow you to start having your own responsibilities.

Move Away

Some people want to completely destroy all ties with their families for a variety of reasons. If you'd rather not speak to or see your relatives, you can move away without leaving a forwarding address. This tactic sounds extreme, but it is sometimes what you need to do when you want to completely separate yourself.

If your relatives know where you live and are able to reach you, there's usually no way of completely getting away. Sometimes, severing all ties is exactly what one needs in order to heal and move on from harmful situations, particularly those that involve abuse. Seeking help from a therapist or reading books that touch on improving your life may also help you move on from these difficult experiences.

If you move without telling anyone and don't leave a forwarding address, you can likely get away from your relatives and begin living a life you want. You must first be financially independent and able to take care of yourself fully before taking this step. If not, you may end up in the same situation you were before, or even worse.

Breaking away from family takes courage and is often necessary for some to become truly happy. Taking drastic measures can be tough, but is often worth the effort and risk. Creating a carefully mapped-out plan before you take these steps, however, can increase your chances of success.


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