What to wear the first day of school

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Choose a look that suits your personality
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What to wear the first day of school ideas

The first day of school is an excellent time to make a first impression. What you wear on that important day can set the tone for how you are perceived for the rest of the school year. The decision of what to wear the first day of school is a major one, so consider your options carefully.

Decide on the Look

An outfit says so much. You can totally create your own image just with the school clothes you place on your body. If you want to look preppy, there's only a few pieces you need to add to your look to take your appearance to that level.

The same thing goes for grungy, chic, classic, a hippy look or whatever you are going for. You don't have to stick with the same look each day, but maintaining the same amount of style every day is super important. You don't want to look sophisticated one day, then like a slob the next.

Show your classmates that you know how to work every look you try and make it super chic. Doing so will definitely get you voted “best dressed” in your class.


Looking chic should be your goal no matter what. Fortunately, you don't have to do much to achieve super chic-ness; all you need is a few key pieces to create this look.

Start by slipping into a pair of black skinny jeans. These type of jeans make almost any figure look amazing. Short legs look longer, long legs look even more amazing and they can help you look trim.

Pair these fabulous jeans with a pair of black heeled boots. Boots and skinny jeans go hand-in-hand as they both make your legs look totally amazing. You can place another dark-colored top on the upper body or another matching color. A low-slung belt and a super eye-catching necklace are all you really need to complete the look.

Your friends and classmates will definitely look to see what you are wearing the next day after this fashionable ensemble makes an appearance.


Pull off the preppy look easily with a pair of shorts and a button-down shirt. Believe it or not, you can totally make this look work and make it seem like you just came back from the Hamptons.

A light blue, button-down oxford shirt would go great with a pair of orange shorts. The two hues are super cute together. Wrap a thin belt around your waist and slip on a pair of sandals.

This look is laid back and easy to achieve. Now just wait for all of the compliments.

Bold Fashionista

Want to show the entire school what a serious fashion trendsetter you are? Do so by rocking this bold and super stylish look.

Slip on a long, floor-grazing maxi skirt. The skirt should be long and flowing, but not one the features lots of embellishments like ruffles. If you really want to take your look to the next level, choose a bright color that is also slightly sheer.

Pair this skirt with a simple printed t-shirt. This type of top is not only fashionable, but tones down the skirt some, which allows you to look fashionable and casual at the same time.

Flip flops or a pair of ballet flats are perfect for this look. Your friends are sure to be impressed by your bold sense of style and confidence to wear something so chic.

Now that you have some ideas as to wear to wear the first day of school, go ahead and make this a year to remember.


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