Make a diaper look presentable for going out in public with these tips

Make a diaper look presentable for going out in public with these tips

Dressing a baby is one of the many pleasures of being a new parent. Finally you get to put to use all of those tiny adorable outfits you stockpiled during pregnancy! Not so fast – even babies have opinions and sometimes they just want kick back in their diapers.

So what?s a parent to do when your baby absolutely refuses to wiggle into that sailor suit? Take a deep breath and tickle their soft pudgy toes, of course. Don?t sweat it. There are many ways to make a diaper look presentable, including baby tutus and newborn skirts.

First make sure you put the diaper on properly. If the tabs are too loose, a saggy bottom will have her fussing up a storm and the same goes if it?s too tight. Fix the diaper ruffles around the legs so they?re facing out to prevent chafing, diaper rash and leaks.

Once your baby is in a clean diaper do a quick weather check. Little ones are sensitive to extreme temperatures. If it?s cold outside, nobody will see the diaper. Keep her tucked in a cozy bunting in the stroller, car seat or carrier. Protect her head with a hood or hat and keep her limbs covered.

Warmer weather means your child will be more inclined to run around sans bottoms. It?s a good idea to keep an extra layer handy in case the temperature drops. In the mean time, dress up that diaper!


Diaper dress up

Skirts, tutus, jumpers and shorts are an easy way to make a diaper look presentable. They slide on right over the bottom without making babies feel confined. You can always pull sweat pants under skirts and tutus if she gets chilled without sacrificing her daring fashion sense.

Let?s face it, babies and tutus were made for each other. And unless your daughter is going to grow up to be a ballerina, her tutu-wearing window won?t stay open for very long. In addition to easy diaper changing, tutus add more color and pizzazz to photos so why not have fun with them.

There?s no shortage of adorable baby bottoms available. You will come across light ruffles, princess styles with bows, rainbow craziness and glittery fairy looks for every season. Delicate ones are best saved for photo sessions and holidays, but once she starts having her say she may just wear it every day.

When looking for shorts, skirts and tutus, just make sure the waist fits over the diaper and that the hem is above the knees for easy crawling. Pair with onesies that have crotch snaps and you can always pull off the bottoms if they get itchy. 

The magic of onesies

Babies are at their cutest in onesies. Maybe it?s because they?re comfortable and content. Maybe the simple style is a perfect blank canvas for their precious smiles to shine. Whatever it is, snapping on a onesie is a quick way to make a diaper look presentable.

For such a simple style, there are endless onesies fashions to choose from. Have fun with patterns and graphics or keep it plain and simple. From a structure perspective, off center snaps down the front are probably the easiest for changing both on-the-go and in the middle of the night.

Cloth diapers

Many moms continue to choose cloth diapers because they?re better for the environment and more gentle on babys? skin. They?re made to be cleaned and re-used, so they come in stylish looks, bright colors and fun patterns.

Cloth diaper covers are made to protect clothes, the crib, linens and everything else a wet child in a cloth diaper might touch. These are made from natural materials and also come in variety of colors and graphics.

All babies wear diapers so don’t get too caught up on how they look. Knowing how to dress a baby means considering the temperature and environment, and keeping layers on hand. They already have the cuteness covered.