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Top 10 Spring Flings

Written by: Editorial Staff

May 2, 2011
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One of the top ten Spring flingsContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Coming out of winter hibernation has never been more enjoyable then when it’s followed by a spring fling trip.

Whether with the whole family, a cozy couple or a group of friends, the list of top ten spring flings below has a bit of something for everyone.

10. Vegas

One of the top ten Spring flings

With a Top 10 list that includes the word “fling”, Las Vegas must be included, it’s the law. For those that haven’t been to Vegas lately, don’t be afraid to bring the family along too. There are water parks, Circus-themed casinos with decent amusement park rides, and the Grand Canyon is only a short bus ride away. Oh, and the aforementioned family-friendly casinos offer child care when it’s time hit the strip.

9. Disneyland/DisneyWorld

One of the top ten Spring flings

Depending on budgets and preferences, The Disney’s are the ideal spring get-away for children of all ages (yes, that’s means us). If you haven’t been to a Disney resort for a while, go rekindle your inner child, you’ll be glad you did. It’s gets so crazy at Disney, grown men and women come home bragging about the 6 times they rode the Dumbo attraction. Disney can do that to you.

8. Panama City Beach

One of the top ten Spring flings

Not overrun with college hipster wannabes, Panama City has gone to great lengths of late to become a destination city for panhandle lovers. It’s inexpensive, particularly relative to Ft. Lauderdale or Miami Beach, and there’s no shortage of warm sand to pass between your toes as you traipse to nearest beachside cantina. With a new airport as of last year, it’s easy and cheap to get to now too.

7. Jamaica

One of the top ten Spring flings

If the stock market has been good to you this year leaving you with a couple of extra spring fling dollars, an all-inclusive Jamaican resort is hard to beat. Private beaches, the use of catamarans, snorkeling equipment and a never-ending supply of rum will virtually ensure a fling for the ages.

6. Palm Springs

One of the top ten Spring flings

Unbeknownst to many, Palm Springs offers a lot more to spring travelers than lounging pool side for hours, and days, on end. Not that it’s really necessary to do anything other than lounge poolside for hours and days on end, but for the adventurous, the options are many. Take the Aerial Tram up to 8,500 feet to check out snow in the desert, cool down at Knott’s Soak City; a trip to Joshua Tree National Park may quite possibly change your life. There are also a number of local casinos for the Texas Hold ‘Em crowd.

5. San Juan, P.R.

One of the top ten Spring flings

Enjoy all the night life of Cabo or Cancun, but with a better mix of ages, races and cultures. More diverse than most spring fling destinations, P.R. flies a little under most Flingers radar, making it the perfect destination for folks who want to go over the top, but retain some measure of their adult sensibilities.

4. Mt. Hood

One of the top ten Spring flings

Located about an hour outside Portland, Oregon, Mt. Hood is well known to skiers as the only mountain offering nearly year round skiing in the country. It’s not too late to get that last run in, and you may even bump into a few members of the U.S. Ski Team, who train each year on The Mile Run. For non-skiers, there are plenty of things for you to do as well. A short drive takes you to Ski Bowl where the clinically insane can fly down the perilous Alpine Slide, or rent mountain bikes to traverse some great trails. Whether you’ve ever stepped foot in the State of Oregon or not, you’ve probably seen Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood’s signature resort. It was at Timberline that Jack Nicholson lost his marbles in The Shining.

3. Sedona

One of the top ten Spring flings

One of Arizona’s little known gems, Sedona is up country and features some of the most outstandingly beautiful terrain in the 48 contiguous states. As a spring fling it’s ideal, even late spring, in part because there’s no need to brace yourself for temperatures nearing that of the sun’s surface. The golf courses are incredible (though a bit expensive), and a hot air balloon ride over Red Rocks cinches the deal as one of the Top 3 flings.

2. St. Petersburg, Fla.

One of the top ten Spring flings

Located on the Gulf side of the panhandle, Tampa/St. Pete provides adults with some of the finest beach side resorts around. Part of what separates St. Pete is how affordable it is, particularly relative to other beach side destinations. Sure there are a ton of activities too; parasailing, day sails and the like, but limiting your routine to beach, then beach side bar and grill, followed by a return trip to the beach, shower in the hotel room, and finally a return to the beach is as much exercise as you’ll need to nail down one of the great spring flings ever.

1. Cabo

One of the top ten Spring flings

Yes, it’s crazy, loud and socially unacceptable to many. But hey, it’s Cabo! For those over the age of 25, or with an ounce of self-respect remaining, avoiding spring break is a necessity. But when the college kids are gone, Cabo remains one of the ideal fling capitals of the world; it has great snorkeling, tours of nearby ruins and bad mariachi bands, what’s not to love?


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