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How to buy things you love

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hand-painted dishes
These hand-painted dishes are a pleasure to eat from
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Knowing how to buy things you love shouldn't be a difficult decor undertaking

It's the small things in life that make you happiest. How to buy things you love? Easy. It is usually love at first sight. You see an item, your hearts sings. You want that because it is so beautiful.

Sometimes the item isn't functional, sometimes it is, but that doesn't matter. If a floral vase that is too frail to be actually used for any purpose strikes your fancy, buy it. Every time you walk past it, safely on display in the bookshelf, it is going to make you feel good. Home accents should be pieces that speak to your inner design diva.

However, functional items can be every bit as beautiful. Pick out a set of hand-painted plates and bowls and when you sit down to eat you're going to find yourself smiling and thinking, oh, this is so pretty ... especially with a homemade dinner served on it.

Do you live in an area where the seasons change? If so, don't despair when summer comes to a close. Enjoy the heck out of the cool, autumn evenings. Invest in a fire pit. This extends your outdoor time. You and your family and friends can sit around the pit, staying warm and cozy, roasting marshmallows and singing camp songs or beer drinking tunes if that's your preference.

Does your interior need to be perked up? Nothing makes a room more inviting and cozy than a quilt. Quilts lend old-fashioned charm to a room, whether used as an actual bed covering or draped over the arm of a chair or over the food board. Patchwork quilts are lovely plus functional. When the temperature drops and the snowflakes fall, keep yourself and your bed partner comfy and warm under the quilt.

Do your walls needs sprucing up? Consider adding wall art, just in time for the holidays. Your guests will ooh and aah over the artwork. Choose from scenic wall art or metal wall art, canvas prints or wall plaques. These items make your home unique and memorable.

If Halloween is one of your favorite times of the year, cut loose and decorate inside and out. Your kids (and you) will get an enormous kick out of this as will the beggars who trek up to your door. Memories are made during holidays. Years from now your kids will reminisce about the cool Halloween decorations. Each will have his favorite when it comes to which was the scariest, most ghoulish or funniest, and so will you.

Families tend to spend an inordinate amount of time in the kitchen, particularly during the cold weather months, when lots of cooking and baking goes on. The smells and warmth emanating from the room have an intoxicating effect and everyone gravitates to the kitchen.

Spruce up the kitchen with new area rugs, table linens, cookware and anything else that pleases you and the eye and makes the room even more functional and inviting.

Sometimes you know from the get-go you love something but, other times, items grow on you over time and you wonder how in the world you got along with out it.

A pretty new blanket may become your go-to item when you're tired and stressed or a particular coffee cup may become your favorite. Don't touch that! It's mine!

The small things in life gives us comfort, pleasure and joy. When a person is happiest in his home that's where he wants to be. There is no better canvas on which to work than a house. Fill your home with items you cherish and which please the eye heart and soul every time you see or use the item.

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