Mom and daughter dress up ideas

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Matching mom and daughter dresses are modern and feminine
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Playing mom and daughter dress up is fun and educational

Playing dress up is how children engage with the fantastic worlds they see in story books and cartoons. Once they’re in a costume, their imaginations run wild. Ballerina tutus, princess tiaras and fairy wings are staples of nearly every little girl’s treasure chest.

As they grow, they start noticing the pretty clothes mom gets to wear every day. They watch her style her hair, color her nails and even put on a special necklace in the morning.

Mom and daughter dress up is an easy way to add a little more fun to the day. Of course, it helps to have clothing options that will make daughter happy without making mom feel ridiculous. If your daughter had her way, you’d wear sparkle heels with a ruffled cape. 

Today, moms looking for mother daughter outfits have a number of beautiful clothes to choose from. The first thing you’ll notice is that these outfits aren’t necessarily identical. Often made from the same fabric and color or pattern, the dresses complement rather than mirror each other.

Floral Dresses

Floral dresses are sophisticated for mom and good girly fun for daughter. Look for a full line of charming dresses for ladies and girls. With cap sleeves, ribbon-tie waist lines and simple cuts, classic dresses are idea for special occasions or having some fancy fun on an ordinary day.

Bold Patterns

Bold patterns are designed to be the star of an outfit. Mom and daughter can dress up with the same pattern, like zebra print, without wearing the same thing. For instance, mom can wear a patterned top with black Capri pants, and daughter can wear patterned Capris with a solid shirt. Choose the correct clothing size so the clothes can round out her wardrobe.

Same Color Family

Mom and daughter can look like two peas in a pretty pod by simply dressing up in clothing of the same color to fit the occasion. Going to a tea party out back? A stylish peach or rose hued dress for mom and a shawl of the same color for daughter, and you’re ready to stroll through the rose garden or simply walk around the block. Add matching floppy hats and sandals for a casual look you can go anywhere in.


Going a little over board in the name of play is good fun. Choose a theme and declare the afternoon a mom and daughter dress up party for two. Become Hollywood starlets going incognito with over-sized sunglasses, boas and the fanciest dresses in your closets. Complete the look with red lipstick and hair dos fit for the red carpet.

For more inspiration, open a picture book and make yourselves over to look like characters from your daughter’s favorite fairy tale. Your daughter could dress up like Cinderella and you could be an evil step sister, or she could be Snow White and you could be the wicked Queen in a long black gown. You may be sensing a theme here, but even evil characters like to primp.

In Parenting magazine, Peggy Orenstein said that girls begin exploring their identity with whatever tools the culture gives them. For parents, the challenge is to make sure the images they form don’t become about old stereotypes and divahood. When a mom plays dress up with her daughter, she plays a powerful role in shaping her ideals of femininity. It’s natural for daughters to want to emulate their moms. Embrace this formative stage in their lives as an opportunity to have more fun together.


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