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Cool cardigans can do no wrong
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Seven ways to wear sweaters this season that will make a big fashion statement

When the flurries fall you can either hug the radiator and think warm thoughts, or dig out your favorite knits Ė along with a few of the seasons freshest trends. There are so many ways to wear sweaters you could probably get through a few weeks without repeating the same look twice.

Embrace the season of knits, but tread carefully as theyíre a gateway to comfort clothing. Itís one thing to sport an over-sized design with skinny jeans or accented with a sassy neckerchief, quite another to walk out the door wearing sweat pants and slouchy socks.

These style tips will show you how to balance bulky tops with form-fitting jeans, cute little skirts and other comfy, but stylish bottoms.

Long wool meets tights

The juxtaposition of long wool sweaters over solid black tights with simple heals is winter casual at its classiest. Choose an over-sized top over a thin, long-sleeve shirt to keep from itching all day. Wear your hair down with some lipstick for a soft, sexy look, or pulled back in a loose braid.

Contrast textures

Fashion experts often talk about experimenting with different texture combinations, but few articles offer as much room for play as a nubby sweater. Geometric patterns accentuate the texture, ad offer a chic look with a pair of dark wash, fitted jeans and shiny ankle boots. Accessorize with a braided or woven handbag and chunky jewelry.

As a jacket

Fall is filled with cool days that arenít quite cold enough for a jacket. Layer snug cotton shirts beneath a big cozy sweater and wrap up in a textured knit scarf. Wear with cropped trousers to work, or your favorite weekend jeans with sneakers.

With a mini skirt

One of the flirtiest ways to wear sweaters is with a mini skirt, fringed scarf and boots. The skirt should cinch the waist to shape the silhouette and allow you to tuck the top in. This works great with thinner, colorful knits that add to the playfulness of the whole ensemble. If the idea of wearing solid tights all winter sounds as boring as sweat pants, check out some of the shear, patterned styles. 

Warm up a thin cotton dress

Women's Health magazine reminds us that cold temperatures donít mean we have to pack away our pretty dresses. The earthy look of long, open knit cardigans complements simple, whimsical dresses better than a handful of wildflowers. Add a cap with giant yarn tassels with lace up ankle boots and you'll feel as warm and confident as you look.

Open weave over slouchy dresses

Every gal should have an open weave knit thatís about one size too big (for layering). These keep you cozy despite the gaps and go with any outfit you want to pair them with, particularly that cute slouchy dress you found at the thrift store. Wear it with a pretty necklace or drop earrings and a hobo bag. Depending on how you style your hair and makeup, you could go for any look from sexy librarian to retro doll.

With an edge

Yes, there are ways to wear sweaters with an edge. Not all cardigans come straight from Mr. Rogersís closet. Wear a thick striped cardigan with a cool graphic tee shirt, dark skinny jeans and Doc Martens. Switch out the tee for a plain button down shirt and youíre ready to go from casual Friday to dinner or a rock show. 

Now you have more tips to rock the knits whether youíre going to work, or spending the day with friends. The trick is to play with opposites. Fuzzy, bulky sweaters accentuate the sexiness of fitted waxed jeans or a cropped trouser because the overall look has balance. 

Take some time in the beginning of the season to mix and match different pieces with your favorite sweaters and scarfs. If you keep some of the spring and fall articles in the mix, your winter wardrobe will lack for little - except maybe a few more knits.

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