Travel binoculars make sightseeing easier

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Travel binoculars will ensure you don't miss a thing when you are sightseeing

Travel binoculars will ensure you don’t miss a thing when you are sightseeing

Travel binoculars are a handy tool for travelers. Whether you?re exploring a new city, going on safari or setting off on a camping adventure, binoculars will enhance your experiences by enabling you to see details, objects and animals you may otherwise miss. While you can find cheap binoculars in most drug stores, it?s worth taking a little time to shop for a pair designed to suit your needs.

Travel binoculars make vacation sightseeing easier for a number of reasons.

If you?re hiking outdoors and spot an animal in the distance, you can observe it in detail from afar without disturbing or scaring it away. If you?re on the top level of a city tour bus, you can focus on the architectural detail of buildings and read signs easily. At sporting events or performances your magnified view will make you feel like you?re in the front row ? or at least a whole lot closer than the nose bleed section.

The first thing you?ll notice about the world of binoculars is that there are hundreds of varieties. Some of the leading companies that manufacture binoculars have been improving their technology and design for over fifty years. There are high end models for over $1000, but more importantly, you?ll find a variety of high quality travel binoculars for under $100.


Before you buy, research the different types available in your price range. If you?re completely unfamiliar with binoculars, stop by a sporting goods or camera store to feel the differences in each model. For traveling, binoculars should be compact and light weight with a good grip. If you wear eye glasses, look for models with eyecups to accommodate glasses.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Travel Binoculars

Time of day:

Most travelers will do most of their sightseeing during the day. Because travel binoculars are designed to be compact and light, they have a smaller aperture so the view will be dimmer. This won?t inhibit viewing during the brightest times of the day, but it is something to consider for dusk or dawn sightseeing if you are going on a safari.

Binoculars that capture enhanced light have a higher price point, but are ideal for dusk viewing. Likewise, if you plan to do sightseeing at night, look for travel binoculars with night vision.


For most travelers? purposes, a magnification between 7 and 10 will satisfy your sightseeing needs. What this means is, if you use a pair of binoculars with a magnification of 8, you will see objects at 8 times their normal size.

Objective lens size:

The objective lens is the larger lens on the outside on the binoculars. For instance, an 8 x 21 pair of binoculars has a magnification of 8 and an outer lens size of 21 mm diameter. The larger the objective lens is, the brighter your image will be, but the weight and price will increase as well.

Glare Reduction:

Travel binoculars should be small enough to fit in your pocket or attached to a belt loop from the case. As a result, most come without the bells and whistles that make binoculars heavy and larger. One feature you may want that doesn?t add size or weight is an anti reflective coating to reduce the sun?s glare. This is also useful if you?re driving and using the binoculars to read road signs.

Water and Nitrogen Proof:

It?s impossible to guarantee a trip full of sunny days. With that in mind, look for binoculars that are 100% water and nitrogen proof to protect them from rain and being dropped in the water.


A good pair of travel binoculars has a distance of 1000 yards and a close focus of 5-10 feet.

When cared for, travel binoculars can last for many years. Along with visiting binocular stores to get a sense for the look and feel of different models, you may also want to browse customer reviews for insight. The two binocular websites sited in the references section below are a great place to get honest feedback before spending your valuable dollars.

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