House Pet Products

Picture of cat urine eliminator from Drs. Foster & Smith catalog

Drs. Foster & Smith

Products for your pets selected by veterinarians

Picture of Doctors Foster and Smith from Doctors Foster and Smith catalog

Doctors Foster and Smith

Pet prodcuts online from one of the top dog catalogs

Picture of pet bird toys from Great Companions - Bird Supplies catalog

Great Companions - Bird Supplies

Keep your bird happy, healthy and well fed

Picture of dog jackets from catalog

Keep your dog cozy in warm coats, jackets and sweaters

Picture of custom built aquariums from Tropical Fish Store catalog

Tropical Fish Store

Breathtaking aquariums for your home or office

Picture of dog agility equipment from Agilite - Agility for Dogs catalog

Agilite - Agility for Dogs

Dog agility equipment that is easy to assemble and use

Picture of trendy pet fashions from GW Little catalog

GW Little

Fashionable clothes and accessories for lovers of dog catalogs

Picture of parrot cages from Windy City Parrot catalog

Windy City Parrot

Bird cages, food and other pet products online

Picture of decorative bird cages from catalog

Decorative pet enclosures and cages for birds, small mammals, and reptiles

Picture of luxury pet accessories from Muttropolis Dog & Cat Boutique catalog

Muttropolis Dog & Cat Boutique

Dog and cat boutique clothing, beds, and accessories

Picture of natural pet care from Pet Nutrition Products catalog

Pet Nutrition Products

Nutritional supplements to keep your pet happy and healthy

Picture of wholesale pet products from J-B Wholesale Pet Supplies catalog

J-B Wholesale Pet Supplies

Give your house pet the products they love without spending a fortune

10% Off
Picture of pet doors from catalog

Dog doors and cat doors for easy outdoor access for your pet

Free Shipping
Picture of veterinary medications from Heartland Veterinary Cat & Dog Supply catalog

Heartland Veterinary Cat & Dog Supply

The medications and treatments your vet prescribes for your cat or dog

25% Off
Picture of pet shop online from My Favorite Pet Shop catalog

My Favorite Pet Shop

Pet supplies for dogs and cats at great low prices

Free Shipping
Picture of PetCareRx from PetCareRX catalog


Affordable pet medications, pet toys, treats, food and more

15% Off
Picture of only natural pet store from Only Natural Pet Store catalog

Only Natural Pet Store

Natural pet food, toys, treats, supplies and accessories for your dog or cat

Picture of dog identification from dogIDS catalog


Custom dog IDs, dog collars, apparel and accessories for your pup

Free Shipping
Picture of canada pet care from Canada Pet Care catalog

Canada Pet Care

Pet supplies, flea and tick meds and more products for your cats & dogs

10% Off
Picture of natures farmacy catalog from Nature's Farmacy catalog

Nature's Farmacy

Huge selection of dog, cat and horse products, nutrition support and supplies

Picture of Pet Doors from Pet Doors U.S.A. catalog

Pet Doors U.S.A.

For the very best in pet doors and supplies from one of the top dog catalogs

10% Off
Picture of dog shop from catalog

Dog beds, crates, car seats, feeding supplies and accessories

Free Shipping
Picture of pet cages from catalog

Pet fences and cages for small pets, fish and reptiles

Free Shipping
Picture of pet supplies store from Pet Supplies Delivered catalog

Pet Supplies Delivered

Pet products & medications for dogs, cats, small animals and birds

Free Shipping
Picture of discount pet medicine from Pet Supplies 4 Less - Lambriar Vet catalog

Pet Supplies 4 Less - Lambriar Vet

Name brand pet medications and pet supplies 4 less

Picture of designer dog clothing from The Ritzy Rover catalog

The Ritzy Rover

Ritzy dog clothes, carriers, accessories, treats and more

10% Off
Picture of Cherrybrook from Cherrybrook catalog


Pet grooming supplies, beds, collars, leads, toys, apparel and more

Free Shipping
Picture of pet health solutions from catalog

Pet medications, flea control, supplements, toys, treats and more quality pet supplies

15% Off
Picture of pet rabbit supplies from Pet Care Depot catalog

Pet Care Depot

Supplies for rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, other small animals & dogs

Free Shipping
Picture of pet360 from Pet360 catalog


Pet food, treats, meds and supplies for dogs, cats, small pets, birds, fish and reptiles

Picture of dog catalog from Orvis - Pets catalog

Orvis - Pets

Dog products for the home with dog crates, gates, feeding supplies and more

10% Off
Picture of pet supply store from Spoil Your Pet catalog

Spoil Your Pet

Pet beds, clothing, collars, treats, toys and more quality pet supplies

Picture of dog car seat cover from catalog

Dog training products, grooming supplies, dog car seats, crates, gates & more

Free Shipping
Picture of just 4 my pet from Just4MyPet catalog


Personalized pet products and gifts for dogs, cats and pet lovers

Free Shipping
Picture of PETCO from Petco catalog


Thousands of pet supplies, products and food for pets of all kinds

Free Shipping
Picture of Wholesale pet supplies from UPCO Wholesale Pet Supplies catalog

UPCO Wholesale Pet Supplies

Dog and cat supplies, vaccines, and other pet needs

Friendly Advice
Today's friendly advice is about;

Dog Catalogs

The pet supply merchants and dog catalogs at offer a full line of pet supplies, including cold-weather kennel supplies, soft dog beds, dog training videos, collars, and healthy pet treats. Their discounts offered in our dog catalogs on dog supplies and pet medications are the same brands, dosages and manufacturers as those offered by your local vet or pet store. These dog catalogs contains an ever changing assortment of pet toys, chews, discount dog supplies, cat and dog vaccines, pet furniture, pet prescriptions, and other discount pet supplies to keep your pet happy, healthy, and entertained.

Pet Products Online

Fleas bite, and their saliva is very allergenic to susceptible animals. This causes skin redness, itching, biting, scratching, chewing, crusts in the skin, and even a greasy feel and malodor for some pets. A dog flea shampoo, or "flea bath" is a good first attack on fleas for the pet that has large numbers of fleas visible on its body. More is NOT better when it comes to chemicals or medications in dog flea shampoo. Following package directions is essential when using over the counter dog flea shampoo and medications. Only buy pet products online that are labeled for use on dogs. Cat shampoo and dog flea shampoo are NOT the same.

Dog Supplies Online

Keep your home clean and fresh with dog catalogs that carry urine eliminator products. It is important not only to use a pet urine eliminator to clean the stain immediately, but it is also important to successfully re-train your pet to avoid those problems in the future. Use our dog catalogs to browse training products such as crates, doggy gates, collars, and more to stop your pet from having accidents in the house. Shop a variety of pet products online from our dog catalogs to find all the products you need to keep your cat or puppy healthy and happy. .

Latest Trends

Some of the latest trends in catalogs:

Home Improvement: Want some help with home remodel ideas for your next project? We have all kinds of home repair and improvement products, including flooring, ceiling fans, rugs, lamps, mailboxes and garden gates. Fill your workshop with the right tools for the job from these catalogs. If you can imagine it, we can help you create it.

Bedding: Rest easy and comfortably with an unbelievable selection of superior sleep products. When it comes to home trends bedding, everything you need is here: luxury mattresses, exquisite shams, pillows, comforters, slip covers and monogrammed sheet sets. Working on going green? No problem. Support the environment by purchasing natural and organic bedding. Seeking a new style? You’ll have no problem finding bedroom design ideas in these new bed and bath catalogs.

Health & Lifestyle: Staying healthy is a lifelong goal. Here you can buy vitamins online and find other products to enhance your health. People who want to find natural cures for health problems will get help from these catalogs. All types of natural health products are available. You can even find reading glasses and rehab products.

Golf: Heading out to the course? How does a golfer find the clubs, balls and other accessories to lower his or her score? Here's the answer: with an excellent selection of everything golf, these golf catalogs will get you in top form. Fashion trends, urban golf gear, golf equipment and golf supplies - even the very best golf bargains - are easy to find in golf catalogs right here at

Gadgets & Guy Stuff: Everyone knows that guy who's always tinkering with stuff. Here's the place to shop for him. We have cool science experiments, cheap electronic components and other gadgets and goodies for the aspiring inventor. Outdoor adventurers and science and engineering nuts will all feel right at home here.

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