How to lose weight swimming

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Swimming laps is excellent cardio exercise
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How to lose weight swimming and have fun while slimming down

Lately Iíve been lacking motivation to head to the gym.  My usual workout consists of running on a treadmill while watching a re-run of Teen Mom, and maybe some free-weight exercises.  I used to enjoy this routine, but nowó Iím just bored. 


So Iíve decided to resort back to my roots, and hit the pool.  Here are five reasons why pulling on your swimsuit (even if you are a plus size!) and heading to the pool instead of jumping on a treadmill can change your workout routine for the better, and help you lose weight swimming.


Reason 1:   Any type of pool activity, whether itís lap swimming or water aerobics, is easier on your joints, assuring less injury and joint pain.  Fewer injuries means less time wasted on recovery, which in turn means more time at the gym.  Swimming burns just as many calories as running at a 10-minute mile pace, without the wearĖand-tear on your body.    

Reason 2:  Itís fun!   Whether youíre a beginner or an elite swimmer, participating in pool activities can be performed at any level.  Just like any other cardiovascular exercise, pool exercises are intended to help you reach your fitness goal at your own pace.   Itís also a great place to meet people who share the same interests as you do.


Reason 3:   Swimming is a great way to work your upper and lower body simultaneously.  When exercising in a pool, water adds resistance making your body work through every pull and push, kick and splash.  If swimming laps is not your thing and you prefer group workouts, water aerobics is a great way to kick it up a notch by adding weights to your workout.   This way you can break a sweat without losing your cool.


Reason 4:  Itís a more peaceful environment to work out in.  No more grunts and moans coming from the body builders in the next room. 


Now that my days as a competitive swimmer are past, I experience great tranquility while submerged beneath the water.   Swimming is a great way to wind down and let all your worries float away (even if only for a moment).


Reason 5:  Pool exercises are a great way to recover from injuries.  Practicing rehabilitation exercises in the water will not only help you gain your strength back, but also help to prevent re-injury.  

So if youíre tired of listening to the obnoxious chit-chat from the two women riding behind you in spin class, head to the pool and exercise in peace!

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