Health plan membership for phone and online medical care

MedProtectOne is a 24/7 healthcare plan that gives members access to board certified physicians by phone or on the internet for diagnose and prescriptions.

What's Inside:
Just $1 a Day for the Family. No Other Fees!
  • No Per Call Doctor Fees
  • No Copays
  • No Deductibles
  • No Contracts
  • No Insurance Needed

    • Become a MedProtectOne member for under $1/day and “visit” your doctor on the phone or online any time you need.

    • All physicians are board certified and USA-based, with both English and Spanish speaking doctors available 24/7.

    • Telemedicine saves patient and doctor time and reduces healthcare costs – and your prescription is sent electronically to your local pharmacy.

    • Online and phone healthcare is perfect for tech-savvy millennials and GenX’ers, expectant moms, seniors and frequent travelers – anyone who appreciates the ease of connecting with a doctor via the internet.

    • Family Plans at MedProtectOne start at only $1 a day, with no limit on usage, no per call doctor fees, no copays and no deductibles.

    • Enjoy the security of extra healthcare protection 24/7 whether you have a regular doctor or not, and a 24/7 registered nurse hotline.