Snowmobile by Shade Tree Powersports

Icy hot snowmobile apparel, parts, and accessories

It doesn't have to be a harsh winter with Shade Tree Snowmobile on your side. Trust Shade Tree Powersports for all of your snowmobile parts, accessories, clothing, and footwear needs. Shade Tree can provide almost anything and everything when it comes to snowmobiling…except the snow!

What's Inside:
  • Snowmobile parts and accessories - All the parts you need to keep that snowmobile in A-one condition. Snowmobile fenders, skid plates, windshields, light covers, mirrors, and all the other parts to keep you going. They also have a huge selection of prime snowmobile covers from Choko and Suretrac to choose from.

  • Snowmobile clothing - If you need to stock up on snowmobile clothing, shoes, accessories, or snowmobile gloves for the winter, Shade Tree Snowmobile has the best brand names ready to fill your closet. From jackets, hoodies and vests to soft, comfortable tees and underwear, they've got you covered…literally. Just picture yourself riding off into the sunset in a Klim jacket just for you.

  • Snowmobile helmets - Choose between a full line of Snowmobile helmets from Bell, Choko, CKX, Rodiac, Zox, and other leading brands. They offer full face, modular, open face, or snow cross design helmets in a variety of colors and sizes, all guaranteed to protect your head and face.

  • Snowmobile bibs - Find an amazing selection of snowmobile bibs including mens snowmobile bibs, womens snowmobile bibs, Klim bibs and all the bibs you need to stay dry when you're out for a day in the snow. With features like action stretch panels, double stitching and removable knee pads, you won't find a better bib than the stock at Shade Tree.

  • Snowmobile boots - With adult womens snowmobile boots, mens boots and kids boots, Shade Tree lets you put your best snow booted foot forward. Featuring boots from Altimate including Altimate Super Sport, Black Hawk, and Women's Wild Cat, you'll be trekking through the snow and look good doing it.
So grab your Shade Tree Snowmobile Parts catalog and order some snowmobile bibs and boots today. Free shipping on orders over $125 just made Shade Tree even sweeter.